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Up to 23 recycled plastic bottles in every Belly Bib

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We've teamed up with REPREVE textiles to offer the best in sustainable, eco friendly products and show our growing commitment to the environment.

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Customer Reviews


I was forever looking for something that would prevent sand and dirt that collects from walks on my small dogs bellies, which they after bring inside onto my furniture and bed! LOL yes-I'm that dog mom. Now I don't have to worry about their bellies tracking the outdoors in -now just a quick wipe to all four paws and we are all clean! Thank you for such a great product!

Krystal M

First class, well made & most importantly well thought out.

We received our order Thursday so Friday Kolten went to the beach - I was thrilled to find that he was clean & dry - feet excepted. It is so easy to put on & take off which helps with my nerve damaged hand. This is the missing addition to the 'Keep the Dog Clean' collection. Your product is first class, well made & most importantly well thought out.


Great for allergy dogs

I bought this for my allergy guy to help keep the allergens off him, it's awesome! Very good quality, super easy to put on and keeps him covered in most areas that he's itchy in! 


Best dog creation

That is the best thing I ever spend for my furry kids. Early morning the grass is wet, and when they come back inside their belly are dry and the belly bib is wet. Great also after a rainy day, the belly bib get dirty but not my furry kids. I did put it on FB and my friends would love to have one. I do recommended for everyone. We have a dachshund festival in October and the president of it will like to have you never saw that in the USA.

Lucie P

Two Paws Up ! :)

I purchased two bibs for my two cavaliers and i'm so happy I did! The bibs really do keep their undersides dry! They are easy to put on and comfy for the dogs. I would be interested to see if they come up with a version that also covers a portion of the dogs legs. 

Belly Bibs make walks enjoyable without any cleanup fuss afterwards. Two paws up!




Tynk Outdoor Dogswear – The Home Of Dog Coats In Canada

We know what it is like when you have a four-legged friend to enjoy the outdoors with – it can be liberating, fun and exciting. However, when you factor in the muddy trails, forests and fields, sand, snow, and every other type of landscape we take our dogs walking and running in, the clean-up operation can be frustrating. Here at T.O. Dogswear, we are a mother-daughter team, who have always had several dogs in the family – and trying to find the right type of dog coats in Canada that offered protection from the dirt and allowed our pets to run freely was so difficult that we decided to design it oureselves. With three small dogs, our exciting walks had to finish with three baths a day or the risk of a filthy house!
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They say necessity is the mother of invention – well, we needed to find dog clothing online or in-store that kept our beloved dogs clean and dry, while ensuring that they were sustainably produced and environmentally friendly. This seemed to be impossible, so we took to the drawing board to make our own.

We wanted to create a range of functional dog coats to keep them clean that would allow free movement – no restrictions, just dog coats that would make it easier to prevent the daily baths that follow a countryside walk through the dirt roads, sandy beaches and forest trails that we love so much.

We discovered that the best way to keep dogs clean and dry while allowing them freedom of movement was to protect the areas that got the sandiest, picked up the most burrs, and tended to get covered in mud – so the Belly Bib was invented.

Why Is The Belly Bib Better Than Other Dog Coats To Keep Them Clean?

The Belly Bib is more than just a waterproof dog coat, it is a meticulously designed and constructed item of dog clothing that really works.

Created to allow freedom of movement – with just two straps around the back and the neck that are fully adjustable with Velcro – it is comfortable and not restrictive, so even dogs who have previously found a dog jacket unwearable seem to feel the Belly Bib is much more comfortable – as if they are not wearing a dog coat at all.

We have focused on creating an entire business that is built on being environmentally friendly, focusing on sustainable business practices – and that is why we are proud to offer dog clothes in Canada that are made from recycled single-use plastic bottles. In fact, our larger Belly Bibs are made from 23 plastic bottles!

The outer layer is waterproof and windproof, so it is the ultimate protection from all the muck that your pup could get covered in during your dog walks– and don’t worry, it is machine washable. We love the microfleece lining that makes it extra comfortable for your dog to wear, as well as super snuggly. It is breathable, dries quickly and is available in a wide range of colours to suit your style – and the style of your dog, too!

We are rightly proud of our Belly Bib, designed and manufactured right here in Canada – and we are confident that you and your four-legged family will love it too. Find the best dog coats in Canada for your dog with T.O. Dogswear.

Buying Your Dog Coat Online With T.O. Dogswear

We have created the Belly Bib to be forgiving, so it can fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our smallest Belly Bib is suitable for toy breeds, and the largest will comfortably fit an Australian Shepherd – and with Velcro connectors to extend the length of the straps, you can adjust it for ultimate comfort, making it a versatile choice for coats to keep your dogs clean no matter what size they are.

Have a look at our sizing chart which tells you what breeds and the respective measurements for each size – as well as the number of plastic bottles that were recovered from landfill to create your dog outfits. We understand that sizing can be difficult, especially with a mixed breed, so we have some options to make it simpler. If you buy the closest size and the straps are a little small, you can purchase Extender Straps in the matching colourway, which suits oddly shaped or more chunky dogs. These are easy to use and simply attach via Velcro.

Of course, if you find the size is completely wrong, simply return the Belly Bib to us in it’s original condition and we will exchange it for you at no extra cost - we offer free return shipping on size exchanges.

When you buy your dog clothing online from us, we have a variety of shipping options depending on your location. For Canadian customers, we can offer free Standard shipping on all orders, which takes 2-10 business days, but is untracked. If you need it quickly, we can offer Expedited Shipping, Xpresspost or Priority at an extra cost. The shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. For our US customers, we offer free Standard Shipping on orders of $50 or more and $4.99 Standard Shipping for orders less than $50, as well as Expedited Parcel USA, Small Packet USA Air, Tracked Packet USA or Xpresspost USA – but remember that any fees for international shipping will need to be covered by you as the customer.

Get Your Dog Clothing Online & Enjoy The Great Outdoors With Your Dog – Without The Mess!

T.O. Dogswear is all about giving your dogs the freedom to enjoy their walks – and their owners the reassurance that there won’t be a need for a bath every time. Buy a dog jacket online from us and not only will you have a well-made, cleverly designed and environmentally friendly Belly Bib, you can also add a pair of Leggings for the ultimate underbody protection.

Our durable Belly Bibs are machine washable and quick drying – so after a long, fun, muddy walk, simply put the Belly Bib in your washing machine, or just let it air dry and brush off the dried dirt later. Then, wipe down your dog's paws and legs, if they aren’t wearing the Dog Leggings, and you no longer have to worry about a filthy house!

We know that you will love the Belly Bib as much as we do – with our dogs at home we cannot imagine going back to multiple baths a day!

Choose T.O. Dogswear for your dog coats in Canada and say goodbye to muddy bellies!
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