Dog Leggings? Protection For Your Dogs Legs For Cleaner Walks

T.O. Dogswear creates dog clothing that is functional, comfortable, and attractive. We are a mother and daughter team that designs and manufactures Belly Bibs and dog leggings in Canada. Our designs allow freedom of movement while protecting our pups from the environment – whether that is mud, sand, or snow. Read More

Buying dog gaiters can offer your dog warmth and keep them dry, without making it difficult for them to move. We wanted to find a way to protect our dogs from getting too mucky without making walks less enjoyable, which is why we came up with the Belly Bib – a great underbelly dog cover that doesn’t get in the way of the legs (or toileting) but prevents mud, leaves, burrs and sand from getting in the fur.

Our range of dog leg covers can add another layer of protection against the dirt, while keeping legs warm and dry – and saving you from extra clean up, too!

Our Range Of Dog Leggings Online

Our dog leg warmers range has been designed to be worn in conjunction with a Belly Bib dog vest for complete protection of the underneath of your dog. We have two main types of dog leggings for sale, the Eco Legging, and the Knit Legging.

  • Knit Legging

These comfortable and warm leggings are made from a mix of cotton, nylon, spandex and rubber that is durable and cozy. We have made them water-resistant to help keep your dog’s legs warm, and they are machine washable for convenience.

These gaiters for dogs connect to the Belly Bib using buttons and they are available in Lucille Black and Striped Print, fitting dogs from a Maltese Terrier to a French Bulldog.

  • Eco Legging

Our Eco Legging is made from recycled bottles, like our Belly Bibs. These are great for use as dog leggings for snow because they are water repellent. To make them stay up, it is important that you attach them to a Belly Bib. These are available in three colourways – Blue and Green Geo, Black Hex, and Purple and Red Bursts. You can change the look every day by changing out the Leggings and the Belly Bib, and these Eco Leggings will fit from a Chihuahua to a Border Collie.

Whichever dog leggings you choose, they come as a set of 4, with the back legs taller and slightly wider at the top to fit better.

The Best Place to Buy Dog Leggings in Canada? Right Here at T.O. Dogswear!

Are you looking for a great selection of dog leggings in Canada? Then you have come to the right place. At T.O. Dogswear, we have a range of comfortable and durable leggings that are designed to keep your dog’s legs warm, dry and free from dirt the whole walk through.

Our Canada's dog leggings collection is designed to be used in conjunction with our industry-leading belly bibs. With a single button located near each leg, you can easily add the leggings when the weather is rough and remove when you get back to stop the dirt and mud being walked through your home.

Not only are our leggings eco-friendly, but they are also made with a quick-dry material that is machine washable. Gone are the days of needing to bathe your dog daily to remove mud splatters after a walk. With our products, you can get home, remove your dog’s belly bib and gaiters, and relax.

Buying Dog Leg Warmers Online From T.O. Dogswear

As a mother-daughter team, we have always owned dogs, and we currently have three of our own – so we know what is important to you as a dog owner, and is the reason why we decided that there had to be a better option for protecting the legs and underbelly of our pups from the muck of interesting walks.

We have sizing charts to help you pick the most appropriate size Belly Bib or Leggings – but if you have a mixed breed, it can be difficult to judge online. Because of this, we offer size exchanges at no extra cost – so if you do buy the wrong size, you can exchange it with free shipping.

Buy online with confidence and get the best dog leggings from T.O. Dogswear today! Read Less

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4 products