Dog Rain Apparel & Wet Weather Gear


    Be Singin’ in the Rain With Our Dog Wet Weather Gear

    At T.O. Dogswear, we’re all about not waiting for the storm to pass and learning to dance in the rain instead! Basically, although the weather may not always be on our side, we shouldn’t let it stop us from enjoying walks with our beloved dogs. As well as it being much-needed exercise for us, both owner and pet, we also majorly mentally benefit from getting out and being in nature. Life these days can be pretty stressful which is why we believe that we must make the most of our walkies! That’s where our wet weather gear for dog walking come in. We’ve created a collection that is designed to help you keep your dog safe, clean and dry during the wetter days so that you can take on the weather together and still have the best time doing it. Read More

    Dog Rain Apparel For The Return Of Clean & Dry Pets

    No one wants a trail of muck, pools of dirty water or soggy, filthy dogs causing chaos through their homes! That’s why our dog rain apparel is the perfect solution to wet play. After going on a long walk in a downpour, battling the wind, mud and sludge the last thing you want to do is mop, scrub and wipe down all your floors. Instead you want to unravel yourself and your dog with very little mess and curl up on the sofa together!

    With T.O. Dogswear’s wet weather gear for dogs, you’ll be fully covered. Your four-legged friend will be very comfortable in our dog raincoat & dog legging combos and protected from the rain and cold. The set is super simple to put on too! All you have to do is secure the velcro of the underbelly dog coat straps and then attach the leggings to the four buttons and voila - a full dog rain outfit!

    What’s more, we use recycled plastic bottles to make our materials, so you’ll be purchasing a dog rain clothing that makes a difference!

    Purchase Your Dog Rain Gear & Support An All Canadian, Small, Family Run Business

    We started this dog clothing business with an aim to reach fellow animal lovers in a meaningful way. We’re a business with family at its core and you, our customers, are our lifeblood. We value your dedication as pet owners which is why we work so hard and are so devoted to what we do. Moreover, we’re keen environmental advocates which is why we champion eco friendly and sustainable products.

    When you purchase our dog rain gear you’re contributing to our vision and making our dream come true. We’re eternally grateful to all our customers and it fills our hearts knowing that we can be so useful when it comes to your pet’s needs.

    You can shop for dog rain apparel Canada wide, we’re available in several stores and you can order online any time. Feel free to call, email or leave us a message with any enquiries, we’re always thrilled to hear from you! Also, don’t forget to sign up and save for all our latest deals, offers and giveaways. Read Less

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    11 products