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Company: T.O. Dogswear (Tynk Outdoor Dogswear)

Tiny, Ontario

A family-run Canadian business, T.O Dogswear was created when a mother and daughter realized their great love for pets. With a huge number of dogs and cats under their roof at any given time, they began to conceptualize functional clothing for both the owner and the pet. Living in the country where roads can be very muddy and wet, and sandy beaches and forest trails are just a few steps away, cleaning up the dogs after those daily walks became overwhelming! Not to mention, cleaning up the house too!

Their unending search for the perfect coat to keep their dogs dry and clean was frustrating. Creating dog fashion was difficult at first, but mother and daughter were determined to share their ideas and products. They made a conscious effort to focus on a sustainable and environmentally friendly business in the hopes that they can encourage others to do the same. Thus, the creation of the Eco-Belly Bib. This upside-down dog coat was perfectly created with keeping the dogs' underbelly clean, dry, & warm all year long. Whether it's leaves, splash ups, mud or snowballs, these durable and waterproof Belly Bibs will make those daily walks fun and enjoyable again!

T.O. Dogswear uses the best eco-friendly fabrics manufactured in Canada to show its growing commitment to the environment and local businesses. The Belly Bib is made of a waterproof & windproof outer layer, carefully lined with microfleece material for maximum protection and comfort. The unique design allows your dog to move around comfortably with only one Velcro strap around their back, and one around their neck.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, these bibs are 100% waterproof, 100% eco-friendly and 100% Canadian. 4 buttons allow you to attach The Leggings and create a full underbody suit for added coverage.


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