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    Dashing Dog Snow Apparel To Brave All Weathers

    Canada is famous for the intensity of its cold temperatures. Our strikingly stunning landscapes covered in glistening snow are any winter lover’s dream. Add in the accompaniment of our best friends and you almost have the picture-perfect image. You’re just missing our dog snow gear! After all, we get all wrapped up so it’s only fair that we make sure our pets are too! Our dog snow apparel is great for freezing days so that your playful walking partner is as ready for the elements as you are. Read More

    Why Buy Dog Snow Gear From T.O. Dogswear?

    There’s a range of reasons as to why you should purchase snow garments for your precious pooch. We have it all for you! We’ve designed a highly functional dog snow outfit that your pet can sport all year round and in particular for the coldest season.

    We suggest that you opt for our dog winter coat and then also get the snow leggings for dogs for a complete look and optimal protection.

    We have dog winter coats in a plethora of colours:

    The dog leggings come in a variety of patterns and materials:

    The benefits are boundless when it comes to our dog snow clothing:

    • The microfleece lining is soft and cuddly so your pet will be unbelievably comfortable and warm.
    • The outer material of the coat and leggings are waterproof and tolerate icy winds so your dog will be able to splash and play in the snow and rain without getting too wet and chilly!
    • We used recycled materials for our products which means that you can shop eco consciously with us.
    • The whole outfit is designed to keep your pooch as clean and dry as possible so that you don’t have too much mud and dirt to wash off (or have trailed through your home!)
    • In terms of aesthetics, they won’t just look super adorable they’ll also be easy to spot due to the bright colours.
    • Our snow clothing for dogs is designed, made and manufactured in Canada so you’ll be purchasing a real homegrown product.

    Don’t Delay - Order Our Dog Snow Clothing Canada Wide With Free Shipping!

    For a wonderful winter treat for your cuddly buddy start shopping dog snow apparel in Canada with T.O. Dogswear. Check out our reviews to see how impressed other pet owners are with our merchandise! Our products are designed to be user friendly, but we are always at your disposal to answer your questions and make your shopping experience as positive as possible. Whether you want to talk through the details, ask about delivery, have a special request or simply want to hear more about our mission, we encourage you to get in contact with us. You as our customers are our main motivation to strive for excellence and we will do everything we can to ensure that you receive the very best service from us. Read Less

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    11 products