Happy Wagging With Our Raincoats For Dogs

    T.O. Dogswear is a company that loves all living things whether they’re soft and smooth or fluffy and furry. Our raison d’être is to provide accessories and clothing for dogs that are made from environmentally friendly materials. We’ve taken our adoration for our pets and let it blossom into a beautiful homegrown business. We design and manufacture our dog raincoats in Canada and being able to do this gives us not only a sense of pride but also, a real hope that we can encourage local fabrication to strengthen both our communities and the wider world. Your woofs will look fabulous, be fully protected and feel comfortable in our rain protection for dogs! A real stylish and fun treat for your cuddly companion. Read More

    You’d Be Barking Mad To Miss Out On Our Dog Coats For Rainy Weather

    Our version of the classic raincoat is designed to offer optimum coverage so that you can enjoy endless rainy-day walks without getting drenched. The main idea of the dog vest is to guard your buddy’s belly against splashes, splodges, snow, wet, dirt and all other amalgamations of undergrowth. We all know how mucky rainwater from puddles can cling to their hair. Then comes the shaking, causing droplets of filthy water to fly throughout your home.

    However, with our dog wet weather gear you can be sure that your doggy is ready for all the elements. After all, we wouldn’t go out and get soaked to the skin and now your pet doesn’t have to either! What’s more, is that we’ve modernized the typical raincoat design to put the emphasis on the underbody. This is so they’ll feel more comfortable and so their movement isn’t restricted. It’s also simple for you to use, no mess with all kinds of zips or clips, there are simply two straps to fasten. We have a sizing chart to help you find the best fit too. Should it be not quite right, you can switch it for another size at no added cost!

    There’s just simply a wealth of benefits to our unique, dog rain jacket:

    • It can be worn over or under other coats for premium protection.
    • The outer layer is made with waterproof and windproof materials, so they’re great for those drizzly walkies.
    • It’s unbelievably comfortable, with soft microfleece lining.
    • Minimal fuss - there are two Velcro fastenings – one at the back and one around the neck.
    • Four button clips so that you can attach our lovely leggings for a more full-bodied suit.
    • Made from recycled plastic bottles so you can know you’re doing your part for the environment.
    • Machine washable so it can be used again and again!
    • They come in a range of colours so not only do they look super cute, but they’ll also stand out in the natural surroundings, so you can keep track of your pet as they explore.
    • An affordable apparel solution to clothing your pet for all weathers.

    Our Dog Rain Jackets Are Pet Friendly & Earth Friendly

    In this concept, we’ve married together our two biggest passions - animals and nature. We started with a product that would be useful for pet owners in their daily routines…something that will really help to make your day a little bit easier and more enjoyable, even when the weather isn’t on our side. Our dog belly covers and Dog Leggings really allow you to embrace being in the great outdoors with your best friend.

    The next step was thinking about how we could merge our desire to protect and care for the environment into this idea. Certain types of materials and how they’re manufactured can have really detrimental effects. So, we wanted to abandon this harmful process and opt for something greener. That’s why we decided to use recycled plastic bottles as the foundation of our fabrication.

    Moreover, it was then an obvious choice to make our wet weather gear for dog walking right here in Canada. Overall, we’re thrilled with the outcome and are so glad we’ve been able to put such a product on the market. A set of outdoor wear that not only embodies our name ‘Tynk Outdoor’ but also that responsibility we harbour to do our part to keep the earth clean for everyone.

    Why Choose Dog Raincoats From T.O. Dogswear?

    We’re pet fans ourselves, so we fully understand the joy of having an animal by your side. Nevertheless, we also can relate to the extra cleaning and looking after that will inevitably take place in your household. Whether you walk your dog(s) once or multiple times a day, the cleanup can sometimes be very hectic on a relentlessly rainy day. We don’t want you to miss out on epic walks just because the weather is bad.

    With our dog raincoats, you won’t have to! We’ve seen how they really do save many minutes of your time. They also will keep your pet safe and warm, ready to stave off the elements.

    There’s the added factor that you can have a clear eco conscious when purchasing our garments too. No nasty, cheap materials that do more harm than good. Only the best and greenest for our customers.

    In addition, loyalty is a well-known trait in dogs, they love you unconditionally and are always by your side, they really are a part of the family! We ourselves are a family run business, a mother-daughter team who dote on animals and who have always had pets. We’ve incorporated principles of love and sharing into our company. That’s why we’ve implemented things such as our referral program so that we can give back to our amazing customers.

    If you’re intrigued by our dog rain jackets why not get in touch with us? We’ll happily answer all your questions and queries. You can call us, send an email, leave us a message, or connect with us on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe for all our latest news, offers and deals too! We can’t wait to hear from you and wish you many happy and fun-filled walks - rain or shine!

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