Walking In A Winter Wonderland with Our Dog Winter Coats

    Our gorgeous dog winter coats are perfect for those chilly days with your bestie. Now getting ready for winter walkies will be lots of fun as both owner and dog can be all snug together! Our design is one of a kind as it offers full coverage for their underbelly (while still allowing them to do their business), unlike most dog coats which only cover a small portion of their underbelly. So, if you’re wanting some dog snow apparel for your pet for the colder seasons, look no further than T.O. Dogswear; we’ll get you kitted out for all those blistery days, and you can say goodbye to freezing cold underbellies full of snowballs and slush. Read More

    A Dog Winter Jacket With A Difference

    Our range of dog winter jackets online is wonderfully unique because they’re not just cute to look at, they’re also incredibly well made and eco-friendly too! Your precious pooch will feel super cozy with the soft fleece lining on the inside and be protected from bitter winds, rain and snow on the outside due to the resistant, quick-dry and insulating materials. All so that your dogs can have jam-packed days of exploring, fetching and rummaging without feeling the cold or getting too filthy.

    The polyester used is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which means that our gear is kind to the environment. We manufacture our dog coats in Canada and we’re also based here, so not only does that elevate our commitment to the environment but also shows our support for local business.

    We know that some people like big dogs whereas some prefer small ones, some favour fluffy friends whilst others go for dogs with a silkier fur. No matter what look, breed, or size of your dog, we have dog winter jackets for all! There’s also a collection of colours so you can select what you like best, and even match them with our Dog Leggings!

    Canada Made Winter Jackets for Dogs Offering Maximum Protection & Minimal Fuss

    A family run business with multiple dogs, we understand how time-consuming it can be to bathe your dog after every walk and clean those wet, muddy puddles from your floor. We wanted to enjoy our dog walks and be able to relax with our furry companions afterwards and so designed our range of Canada's dog winter coats with this in mind.

    With our dog winter coats in Canada, your dog’s underbelly is kept clean and dry, preventing a build-up of dirt, mud and snow. Partner your winter jacket with our dog leggings and their legs are kept equally protected - a true recipe for success. Made with quick-dry materials that are machine washable, simply remove when you get home, place in the wash and continue your day (or just wait for it to dry and brush off the dirt in between washes)!

    We know how easy it can be to lose your dog in the environment. From deep white snow to green forestry, dogs love to explore so we offer an array of colours to make your dog stand out from their surroundings.

    When it Comes to Coat for The Snowy Canadian Winters, We Are Ahead of the Industry

    When it comes to finding the best winter jacket for dogs in Canada, few compare to us here at T.O. Dogswear. We have a true passion for supplying your dog with the best protection against the harsh Canadian winters and love designing top products that you’ll love.

    Not only do we care about our customers and their dogs, but we also care about the environment. Our coats are made from recycled materials and are manufactured right here in Canada to support our local businesses. When buying a dog coat with us, rest assured that you are purchasing from an eco-friendly company.

    Fantastic dog clothing online, affordable prices and free shipping is guaranteed at T.O. Dogswear. That’s right, we currently offer free shipping for all purchases in Canada and have a 30 day return policy for refunds and exchanges. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction levels and do what we can to make your experience with us as easy and seamless as possible.

    Order Our Winter Coats For Dogs World Wide

    If you’re not nearby a store that stocks in our products, don’t worry! You can shop online on our website to get a dog winter coat worldwide. The best part is that if you are ordering from US or UK, you get FREE shipping on orders of $57! Should you require any help with the delivery process, don’t hesitate to call us or send an email, you can also reach us through Facebook and Instagram.

    We’re very passionate about what we do and have loved building our business. Family is at the heart and soul of everything we do so you can be rest assured that you’ll be dealing with a company that puts others (furry or otherwise!) first.

    If you’re curious about our winter jackets for dogs, why not have a read through our customer reviews ß link to page of customer reviews for further insight? You’ll see how other pet owners have found them very useful and how satisfied they are with our products!

    Or, of course, you can contact us directly with any questions or requests, and we’ll do everything we can to assist you. We also have social media pages where you can see more photos of our winter dog coats on some very adorable models! We can’t wait to hear from you and make sure you subscribe to stay up to date with us! Read Less

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    6 products