Snazzy, Sustainable Socks For Dogs

Here at T.O. Dogswear we adore creating cute, revolutionary, and earth-loving products for your furry friends! The dog socks are our modern take on the traditional human socks and aims to protect their little limbs from all weather conditions and terrains. They’re the ultimate accessory for walkies! As well as keeping your companion warm and snug we have pet socks varieties that are eco-friendly; this is because we care about being kind to the environment and everything in it! Read More

Proudly Parade Our Pet Socks

There’s nothing better than a crisp morning walk, bounding through the park or a forest trail with your fluffy buddy. However, sometimes the aftermath is a crime scene of mud, splashes and all kinds of undergrowth strewn across the newly mopped kitchen tiles! That’s why we designed our socks for dogs, to help keep that dirt at bay. So, upon your return, both pet and owner are nice and dry. Forget having to towel down your woof, a wipe of the paws will be all! They’ll also add a protective layer against the elements and all the bits and bobs they encounter when they head off for sniffs.

This outdoor accessory also looks unbelievably sweet and stylish too! We have colorful striped and black knits to keep your pet all cozy. Then, we have waterproof types that come in black hex, purple and red bursts and blue and green geo. The most fabulous feature of the latter, aside from their gorgeous and funky patterns, is the fact that the material is made from recycled plastic bottles which means they’re environmentally friendly, same as our dog belly covers. We manufacture our socks in Canada too which further demonstrates our commitment to our planet. Therefore, when you purchase a pair you can rest assured that you’re supporting not only a local business but an eco-conscious mission.

Discover Comfortable & Stylish Socks for Dogs in Canada!

Protecting your dog's legs and paws whilst they are exploring the great outdoors is essential. You wouldn’t leave home without the appropriate apparel and now your dog doesn’t have to either. For the best dog socks in Canada, browse our collection right here at T.O. Dogswear.

Choose between our knitted range and eco range depending on your needs. Providing ultimate comfort and cosiness, our knitted range is great for those snowy, winter walks. Our eco range is perfect for protecting your dog from the mud, dirt and splash ups from those tougher outings. Whatever the season, rest assured we have you covered.

We Offer a Range of Functional, Comfortable & Stylish Dog Socks, Shipping Canada Wide & Also US & UK

Offering a range of bright and colourful dog leggings in Canada to make your dog stand out from their surroundings, we ensure you can keep an eye on their whereabouts in all seasons. From Purple and Red Bursts to Blue and Green Geo, our socks are vibrant and stylish - the perfect combination.

Aside from their snazzy appearance, our Canada made dog socks also have fantastic practical benefits for both you and your pup. Our range is:

  • Made from quick-dry materials that are machine washable
  • Easy to attach and detach from our winter coat collection
  • Manufactured right here in Canada from recycled materials such as used water bottles
  • Durable and dependable to protect your dog from the elements - whatever the season

The stretchy and smooth material provides your dog with a high level of comfort and enables easy dressing for a dog walk with minimal stress and minimal mess. By using our handy online chart, you will be able to work out the optimum size to buy for your furry friend and our friendly team is always on hand to provide extra assistance.

Purchase Our Dog Socks Online Today!

We ship all our dog clothing products promptly and without any additional cost within Canada. The time it will take to arrive will depend on your location. You can also find our special dog paw protection product in certain stores throughout the country should you prefer to view our merchandise this way. Make sure you peruse our sizing chart to help find that perfect fit for your pooch.

Essentially, we’re just an animal-loving company that wants to transform the pet industry with our own unique splash. We’ve found our niche and are absolutely delighted that we have firmly made our mark (and printed our paws)! We believe in creating a better tomorrow by making a change today. That’s why our mantra is ‘Get dirty. Stay clean.’ We feel that we can have lots of mucky fun but at the same time keep ourselves, our pets, and our planet green, clean and well.

If you like the sound of our socks for dogs and how we do business, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can give us a call, email or leave a message on our site. We’re on Facebook and Instagram where you can view a plethora of photos of our gear in action too. Read Less

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