Waterproof Dog Coats


    Wholesome, Well-made & Warm Waterproof Dog Coats

    Dogs are naturally inquisitive, they love sniffing around, exploring and padding their paws in the great outdoors. No matter the weather, rain or shine they need their walk but now they can be fully prepared for any strength of shower! Our waterproof dog coat offers suitable protection and will help to keep them dry, clean, warm and from harm as they encounter all kinds of puddles, bogs, undergrowth, spikes, shrubs and other such natural elements. Read More

    We Sell Dog Waterproof Coats That Cover The Belly For Superior Shielding

    Our underbelly dog coat model is excellent for protecting your dog’s belly against splash back as your fluffy bundle bounds through murky puddles, drenched paths and muddy fields. We can all have a lot of fun in the rain, but no one likes to be soaked through and filthy.

    T.O. Dogswear’s waterproof dog coats that cover belly will prevent sludge and grime from getting in their fur and keep your dog dry. The material used for the face and back is 100% recycled polyester and the membrane consists of 100% polyurethane, making it 100% eco-friendly. They’re durable, tough and long-lasting but not damaging - they’re actually put together with recycled plastic bottles! The inside is lined with micro fleece so it’s soft, gentle and insulated to keep your pooch nice and warm as well.

    In addition, our waterproof dog coats come in various sizes which we have charts for so whether you have a big pooch or a little cutie there’s a coat for all!

    The design of our dog vests is especially functional because you can add extender straps and attach our dog leggings for extra comfort and protection. Essentially, we’ve got you covered and really strived hard to create the most secure style.

    Our dog waterproof clothing also acts as a barrier against strong winds too which is vital for high ground walkies. Plus, the shape allows for easy manoeuvring so your dog can enjoy all its usual movement.

    Purchase Our Waterproof Coat For Your Dog & Enjoy Rainy Walkies

    We started our dog clothing business in Canada because we love animals, the environment, our nature and helping others. We’re a mother-daughter duo who just want to give back and make our mark on this beautiful industry. We believe in success for families, for small, local businesses and our world! That’s why we champion supporting local and sustainable products and businesses like ours. We live for our pets, making something that brings joy back to our walks again, that’s also practical and functional. We operate out of a small town in Ontario but ship our dog waterproof coats all around Canada for free! We also ship internationally to the US and UK. We’ve partnered with REPREVE textiles to take empty, used plastic bottles and transform them into products that are usable, and wearable, to bring colour and life to even the rainiest of days.

    So, if you and your pooch are in need of a little slice of the rainbow for your walks it’s absolutely worth investing in one of our spectacular waterproof coats for dogs! They’re super fun, functional and long lasting.

    If you’re interested, why not browse our collection, check out our reviews and find us on social media to see more images and read more about our work. We also love hearing your feedback so do share your thoughts with us any time! Read Less

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    6 products