Belly Bibs – The Ultimate Dog Belly Cover

If you enjoy living in the countryside or visiting the countryside for long walks with your dogs, you will know the frustration that comes with the changing seasons, muddy paths, and forested trails. Leaves, muck, grass seeds, sand… you name it, it will be on your dog by the end of the walk. Read More

We created the ultimate dog belly cover to help avoid the constant need to choose whether you bathe your dogs after every walk or put up with them messing up the house. Our Belly Bibs are underbody dog coats that are designed and manufactured right here in Canada – and they are perfect for so many types of dogs.

Choosing a dog coat that offers underbelly protection is a great way to ensure freedom of movement while keeping the areas that are most prone to getting dirty, clean. Our Belly Bibs are designed to be worn in all weather conditions and all situations – they are shaped to allow toileting as usual and can be worn in conjunction with traditional dog coats for extra warmth (perfect for those winter walks). Of course, we have Dog Leggings available to complete your pet's apparel and offer extra protection to their legs. 

Choose Your Dog Belly Coat From The Belly Bib Range

Our Belly Bibs are constructed to be simple to use, durable for a long life, and comfortable for your dog.

The outer layer of our dog belly coat is made from recycled plastic bottles and is waterproof and windproof. We have combined this superior outer shell with a gorgeously soft and snuggly microfleece lining for comfort and warmth in the winter months, and the breathable construction allows the Belly Bib to be comfortable all year round.

Our Belly Bibs are durable – they can resist snagging in the thorny undergrowth so even the most adventurous pups can explore the forest trails without damaging their delicate underbelly skin. We have made our dog vests machine washable for convenience, and with quick-dry technology, they can be used daily without any problems.

The Belly Bib comes in several sizes to fit toy breeds to Australian Shepherds, and with Velcro straps across the back and the neck, they are very forgiving in size. We wanted to make sure that the sizing was easy to grasp, so in our size charts, we offer a measurement as well as an idea of the breeds that each size of our belly cover for dogs is suitable for. If you have an unusually shaped dog or one with a fuller figure, you might want to consider getting an Extender Strap; these are sold in the same colors as the Belly Bib and are simple to attach with Velcro.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from in our Belly Bib range, so you can choose the shade that most suits your dogs. Available colours include:

  • Lucille Black
  • Edwardo Blue
  • Lillian Purple
  • Chase Green
  • Jackie Red
  • Jamie Brown

The Belly Bib is a dog coat that covers stomach and it can be worn over or under other coats, so if you want to extend the protection of your existing over back dog coat, you can add a Belly Bib. We also have a range of Eco Leggings and Knit Leggings that connect to the Belly Bib for full undercarriage protection.

Why Choose T.O. Dogswear For Your Underbody Dog Coats?

We are a mother-daughter team who have created this business right here in Canada. We have invented the Belly Bib to solve a problem that more traditional dog coats couldn’t – offering comfortable protection for the underbelly of our dogs. We have three dogs of our own and are lucky enough to live in the beautiful countryside – fun walks for our dogs, but lots more work in baths every day!

Each underbelly dog jacket is created from recycled plastic bottles and designed and manufactured right here in Canada (Toronto, ON). Keeping it local is important to us because we want to be as environmentally conscious and sustainable as we can in our daily lives – and that includes our business. We are proud to be able to produce high-quality, durable dogswear that is recycling and repurposing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills – protecting our planet is so important to us. Buying underbelly dog coats from T.O. Dogswear is an environmentally responsible way to protect your dog from the terrain and the weather – and you can feel good knowing that your dog belly coat is helping you avoid daily baths or dirty dogs, and dirty houses.

We offer several shipping options if you buy online and we ship anywhere in Canada or the USA. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. If you are lucky enough to live in Ontario or Quebec, selected pet stores and groomers also carry our range – check out our stores map, and find your nearest stockist.

Try the T.O. Dogswear Belly Bib and see why we think it is the best belly cover for dogs available in Canada. Read Less

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6 products