Daily Dogs Reviews the Knit Leggings! 5 Bones!

Daily Dogs writes: 

Our Product Review: Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, can’t beat that. We love Canadian dog products. Goose and clothes can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. We’ve gotten him pretty used to jackets, although for the first 5 minutes after putting them on he forgets how to walk/move. So I kind of figured the Dogswear Leggings would be a bit of a challenge. These leggings are made of very high quality materials that stay nice and snug on your dogs legs and easily attach to the T.O. Dogswear Belly Bib. Everyone has a different tolerance for mess. We know that having a big dog can sometimes mean a big mess. We don’t mind putting clothes on him when absolutely necessary but if he absolutely hates something, we don’t force him to wear it. I can see these leggings working perfectly for a dog that doesn’t mind to wear something on their legs, or has white fur, which is why we’re giving it a 5 star review. Just because Goose tried to eat them off his legs doesn’t mean they are a bad product, it just means they aren’t the right fit for Goose. Big thanks to T.O. Dogswear for sending this product our way.


Company’s Description: These water resistant Leggings effectively keep your dog’s legs protected from the elements. They are extremely durable, withstanding even the toughest dog walks and conditions. Keep the irritating salt, dirt, splash ups and more off your dog’s legs with these stylish Leggings. They feature a unique attachment system allowing you to pair them with a Belly Bib to create a full underbody suit. Swap out your favourite Leggings and Belly Bibs to customize your dog’s look every day!

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